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Dear Cancer,


Love, Vanessa


Let it Grow: Tips for Post-Chemo Hair Growth!

Updated: May 30, 2020

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Dear Cancer,

Losing your hair to chemotherapy sucks. But on the bright side, watching hair grow in after completing chemo can be very exciting! It does take time, so patience is key. Looking at your hair ten times a day in the mirror probably won’t help speed up the process! Trust me, I tried this and failed haha.

If you are waiting for your hair to grow back after chemo, here are a few tips I have for you:

Don’t cut your hair. Let it grow! If you find your hair is at an awkward length, try using a headband, clips to put some of it up or even a hair elastic. There will be a time when your hair is an awkward length, but it’s so important not to cut it at this point. Keep letting it grow! It will be worth it in the end, I swear!

Don’t colour your hair. If you really don’t need to, don’t do it. Try to be as gentle with it as much as possible. The less the damage, the stronger it will be.

Try not to wash your hair often. It’s good to let your natural oils come out. I washed mine about twice a week. If you are worried about it being greasy, give it time. If you need something to stop it from looking greasy, try baby powder or dry shampoo! I definitely believe the less you wash your hair, the better!

Use castor oil. Castor oil helps to enhance the health of your hair follicles and it also hair promotes growth. It can be very greasy so I recommend doing it the night before you plan to wash your hair. Put a towel on your pillow case on these nights.

Eat healthy foods. Some foods promote hair growth, such as seeds, eggs, avocados and berries. Fish is also a food that helps with hair growth.

Drink lots of water. I’m a strong believer that whatever you do for the inside of your body impacts the outside. Drinking lots of water will help strengthen hair and increase growth.

Collagen and Biotin- Check with your health care team about what supplements you can take. I am not a medical professional offering advice but I wanted to mention that I took both collagen and biotin to support hair growth.

Use a silk pillow case- It is so gentle and allows your hair to glide across rather than being pulled and twisted when you move around on a cotton case. Silk creates a smooth surface for your head and is comfy too.

Be patient. This is a tough one. It does take a while to grow, especially when you are constantly looking in the mirror a few times a day every day. Each hair stage can be challenging to manage, but with time it will pass. I promise before you know it, it will grow to a length you will love!

I hope you find these tips and tricks helpful! Try to enjoy this exciting time of new hairstyles!

Love Vanessa

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